Ozzy�s Blizzard of Ozz Controversy 

04-17-02 antiGUY

Ozzy just seems to be in the news these days now that the national spotlight is on him with the success of the Osbournes on MTV. Not all the news is good however, the plans to issue remastered version of classic Ozzy Osbourne albums has sparked a controversy with fans and two of the musicians that appeared on the original recordings. 

Ozzy�s decision to release remasters of �Blizzard of Ozz� and �Diary of a Madman� with new bass and drum tracks by current Ozzy drummer Mike Bordin and bassist Robert Trujillo, replacing the original tracks recorded by Bob Daisley (bass) and Lee Kerslake (drums), doesn�t sit well with some fans and Ozzy�s former bandmates. 

The reason for the reworking of the albums? A lawsuit filed by Daisley and Kerslake over unpaid royalties. While the Osbournes may have been trying to side step the problem by issuing the albums with new drum and bass tracks it seems to have heated up the feud between the two camps. Last week the Ozzy camp issued a statement accusing Daisley and Kerslake of harassing the Osbourne family. This week Bob Daisley fired off a press release of his own. Before we leave you with the Bob Daisley press release, in other Ozzy news, it appear the Osbourne family are considering a second season of their hit television show for MTV. But for it to happen Ozzy and family will need a bigger paycheck from MTV.  

Bob Daisley Press Release:


On behalf of Lee Kerslake & myself, and in response to the recent Osbourne press release, we have this to say. 

Firstly, we have never harassed the Osbournes and their family, nor have we been abusive or unjust. We have had no contact with them other than our lawyers communicating with their lawyers seeking our royalties due for our performances on the Blizzard of Oz & Diary of a Madman albums. 

Speaking of who is unjust, I would like to add that after Lee and I (and of course Randy Rhoads) put our hearts and souls into the making of the above mentioned albums, our credits for our performances on Diary of a Madman were intentionally excluded and given to someone else.

Performance royalties have never been paid to us... �hence the current legal battle.� 

For Ozzy to remove our performances from Blizzard & Diary (for yet another re-release) is to tamper with, and rob, the buying public of the original magic captured on a milestone of rock history. Why Ozzy would want to do this to such a classic product is beyond us, and probably most of the people who count -- �the fans.� 

The original classic performances are �NO MORE.� Be warned! Bogus replacements are now for sale. The originals have been withdrawn. If I bought what I thought was a classic album and found it contained bogus replacements� �I�d want my money back!!!� 

The classic original versions of Blizzard of Oz & Diary of a Madman are now history. Shame! 

Bob Daisley & Lee Kerslake

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