Coal Chamber Update � Band Still Together and Plan Free Show For CD Release

04-28-02 antiGUY

We have a follow up to last week�s report on Coal Chamber. While the band did cancel the remaining dates on the Jagermeister tour as well as a series of headlining dates earlier this month with speculation running rampant that the band may be breaking up, they do appear to still be together and plan a special CD release party on May 7th in Hollywood. 

The original article stated the following, According to the Blabbermouth report Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara and lead guitarist Meegs have been seen in heated arguments with each other during the tour, culminating in an on stage fight between the two last Wednesday night (4-17). During a concert in Lubbock, Texas Meegs reportedly hit Dez with his guitar, spit on him various times and kicked speakers  off the stage. 

�The band pulled out of the current tour late last week and headed home to California to contemplate the future of the band.�

With the announcement of the CD release party show, it appears that the band will not be breaking up at this point. 

The group�s record label Roadrunner Records provided the following information about the CD release party concert. 

�For all you L.A.-ites, clear May 7th on your calendar - Coal Chamber will be playing a hometown show in honor of their �Dark Days� release.

�May 7th, the day �Dark Days� streets, Coal Chamber will be playing at the Key Club on Sunset Blvd. Want to go? Want to go for free? Show up at Tower Records on Sunset and buy �Dark Days�. Each cat purchasing the album on the 7th at Tower will receive a free ticket to the Coal Chamber show later that night. This is the ONLY way to get a ticket to this show.�

We also have a correction to the original article. We reported that Blabbermouth.net was owned by Coal Chamber�s record label Roadrunner Records. That turns out not to be the case, while Blabbermouth is associated with Roadrunner and is hosted on their webserver, the website is owned an operated entirely independently from the record label. We apologize for any confusion this inaccurate report may have caused. 

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