Courtney Love Won�t Have Her Head Examined.

04-28-02 antiGUY

Washington State Superior Court Judge Robert Alsdorf issued a written ruling last week (April 24th) denying a motion by former Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic to order Courtney Love to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. 

Siteing a stipulation in the partnership agreement between the band members (Grohl and Novoselic) and the widow of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain (Love), Grohl and Novoselic filed a motion on April 11th asking the court to order Courtney Love to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to see if she is mentally competent enough to exercise her side of the partnership. 

When Love and the former Nirvana members formed Nirvana LCC, a business partnership between the parties that was setup to handle Nirvana related issues, a provision was included that gave any of the partners the ability to request another's mental heath be evaluated for competency.

Judge Alsdorf denied the motion because he felt that Grohl and Novoselic failed to demonstrate that Love suffers from "an identifiable mental problem" that would justify the exam. 

The motion was issued in connection to the ongoing legal battle between the former Nirvana members and Love over the control of Nirvana�s music. Love filed a suit against Grohl and Novoselic as well as the Universal Music Group last September in hopes of voiding Nirvana�s contract with the record company and having all rights to Nirvana be awarded to her. Grohl and Novoselic filed a countersuit against Love in December in an attempt to have her lawsuit dismissed. In his ruling on the mental examination motion, Judge Alsdorf stated that forcing Love to undergo the evaluation would "serve no purpose other than to contribute to a circus like atmosphere to the trial."

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