Marilyn Manson Charged with Wrongful-Death.

04-03-02 antiGUY

Marilyn Manson is being sued by the mother of a young woman who died in a car accident following a party at Manson�s Los Angeles home last year. 

Maria St. John filed a wrongful-death lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday (April 2) against Brian Warner (Better known as Marilyn Manson). In the lawsuit, St John alleges that on April 1, 2001, her daughter Jennifer Syme was given large quantities of cocaine while attending a party at Manson�s home and as a result when Syme left the Manson residence the next morning she lost control of her car, crashed into several vehicles, and suffered fatal injuries in the auto accident. 

St John�s lawsuit claims Symes "was known as a person who did not use illegal controlled substances" and further contends that Manson knew that Symes was suffering from depression following a miscarriage and he "took advantage of [her] condition and caused her to consume the illegal controlled substance as well as other medication and/or intoxicating substances."

St John is seeking unspecified financial and punitive damages for emotional suffering and loss of income according to press reports. 

At press time the Manson camp and Interscope records have not responded to the lawsuit filing.

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