Mr Osbourne Goes to Washington. 

04-09-02 antiGUY

The President is about to receive an unusual guest. It is now confirmed that Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon have been invited to attend this year�s White House Correspondents Association dinner. 

As the Secret Service prepares for the visit of the metal-madman by securing all domestic pets in the White House, Osbourne and his wife plan to attend the annual dinner as the guest of Fox News Network�s (New and Improved) Greta Van Susteren. Ozzy and Sharon recently appeared as guest on Greta�s new Fox News series.  

Ok, Ozzy won�t actually be at the White House as the event is set to take place on May 4 at the Washington Hilton. This year�s dinner marks the 88th year of the annual dinner meeting between the Washington Press-core and the President. The event has been marked in the past as a light-hearted evening of humorous speeches but has turned ugly a couple of times in past years under Bill Clinton when some speakers, like comedian Al Franken, stepped over the line and embarrassed the President with a few tasteless jokes. 

Whether George W. Bush will invite the Osbourne�s to visit the White House remains to be seen. But with the run-away success of the MTV series �The Osbournes� it still remains a political possibility. Although George W. will have to overlook an incident where an inebriated Ozzy relieved himself on the wall of the Alamo, which is located in Bush�s home state of Texas. 

In other Ozzy news, the godfather of metal will receive his very own star this Friday (4-11-02) on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star will be placed on the sidewalk outside the Ripley's Believe It or Not? Museum.

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