Anthrax Behind the Music controversy. 

01-11-02 antiGUY

It appears there is more controversy going on behind the scenes of the filming of Anthrax�s VH1 Behind The Music than will appear in the show. Blabbermouth,net  has reported that two former Anthrax members are upset that they have not been approached to participate in the documentary.  

Blabbermouth broke the controversial story when they reported that current members of the group are selectively ignoring past members especially founding bassist Danny Lilker who claims to have originally come up with the band name. The accusations have been flying with Lilker, Charlie Benante and Scott Ian posting their side of the story to various message boards across the net.  Anthrax contends that they gave the VH1 producers Lilker�s name to interview for the special and it was the show producers who decided not to include him in the special. 

Now another former member, vocalist Neil Turbin is saying that he too has not been asked to participate in the Behind the Music special. Blabbermouth reported Turbin as saying �a close source of mine who spoke directly to the producer of one of their other highly rated shows (up there in the food chain at VH1), was told that I had not been contacted and said he was surprised to hear that. I also heard that they outsource west coast production to a third-party west coast company. More than likely it's in post-production by now if they're planning on airing it as soon as February of this year.�

For those interested in following the controversy, Blabbermouth has put together a collection of quotes from those involved. 

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