Ozzy get's a sitcom, plans live album, USO shows.

01-16-02 antiGUY

Ozzy is having no problems keeping busy these days. Some antiMUSIC readers may remember the rumored Ozzy themed sitcom we reported on back in January of last year. In March the show will become a reality in the form of a new series on MTV called �the Osbournes�. MTV Entertainment President Brian Graden let the Ozz out of the bag at the Television Critics Association on Monday and hailed the new series as "America's first reality sitcom." 

�The Osbournes� takes the world of reality TV to the extremes as it cronicles the real life adventures of the Ozzman, his manager and wife Sharon and two of his children, the 17-year-old Kelly and the 16-year-old Jack. The Osbourne�s home was turned into a �big brother� house where almost every waking moment of the family was captured on film (except the W.C. and even Ozzy takes Sundays off.) 

�The Osbournes� premiers March 5th at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.  The network initially plans to air 6 to 10 episodes but Graden said that they "We can keep going as long as they're [Ozzy�s Family] comfortable." 

Absent is daughter Aimee who opted out of the show as to not damage her chances at a singing career of her own. She remains curiously absent, spending her time in the guesthouse. What kind of craziness will Ozzy and family bring to TV? We�ll have to wait and see but we do know that Ozzy�s neighbor Pat Boone was supposedly captured as the good neighbor.  Only on American TV. 

Ozzy Osbourne is also taking his music to the troops. The metal madman is set to undertake a USO tour sometime within the next month. Due to security reasons the details are being kept under wraps but USO tour producer Bernie Rone told Rolling Stone, "We're dealing with kids who know who Ozzy Osbourne is," Rone said. "We have to look at what's happening right now and get the troops what they want."

After the USO tour Ozzy will head to the land of the rising sun for another tour. There are plans for Ozzy to record his February 15th Tokyo concert at the Budokan for a new live CD with anticipated release this summer. No titled has been released to the public but "Live at Budokan" is a little too obvious. 

The tour will hit several cities in Japan and one performance is set for Korea at press time. From there Ozzy has two dates scheduled for Alaska before returning to the continental United States to perform in Los Angeles, to make up for the cancelled December stop on the Merry Mayhem tour. 

Ozzy Tour Dates:
2/8 - Osaka
2/9 - Osaka 
2/11 - Nagoya
2/13 - Fukuoka
2/15 - Tokyo
2/18 - Yokohama
2/21 - Seoul
2/24 - Anchorage, AK
2/25 - Fairbanks, AK
2/26 - Los Angeles -CA - Los Angeles Sports Arena

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