Green Day and Blink-182 plan Co-Headlining Tour. 

01-16-02 antiGUY

Green Day and Blink-182 announced plans for a co-headlining spring/summer tour. Each band Posted the announcement on their respective websites. Details at this point are few and far between. No venue information or routing information is available but the tour is expected to run 9 weeks from April to June and will hit markets in the U.S. and Canada. 

For all intents and purposes Green Day will be headlining claiming the closing set each night, but we�ll play along and call this a co-headlining tour. Before this tour kicks off Green Day will make an appearance at this year�s EXPN X-Games and has a Japanese tour on tap for late March/early April. 

When we have dates and more information, we will bring them to you. 

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