80�s Pop Idol Adam Ant Institutionalized 

01-22-02 antiGUY

Adam Ant best known as the frontman of the  New Wave group �Adam and the Ants� and solo pop star who scored a hit in 1982 with "Goody Two Shoes," has been committed to an institution following an incident at a London area bar where he reportedly �snapped� and threatened an individual with a pistol. 

According to police officials, Ant was committed to the psychiatric ward of London's Royal Free Hospital on Monday. Under British law, the hospital can hold Ant (real name Stuart Goddard) up to 28 days for observation. 

There have been conflicting reports as to the nature of the incident that lead to Ant being taken into custody. Ant was reported to have gotten into an altercation with another man at North London�s Prince of Wales pub that culminated in Ant pulling a pistol on the man.  

"They've sectioned me--I've been here all night.� An apparently paranoid Ant told the Sun newspaper in a phone interview. �The whole thing's a conspiracy and they're just out to get me. I'm not mad." 

Police arrested Ant Sunday for the incident and had him committed on Monday (Jan 21) after his family expressed concerns that he may be suicidal. Ant has a history of depression; he spent three month in a mental health clinic for treatment of the disease in the early 90�s.