N�Sync Cast in Star Wars Episode II

01-06-02 antiGUY

Rock fans beware, Jar Jar Binks will not be the only character to turn off moviegoers to �Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones�, it appears that boy group N�Sync have signed on to make a brief appearance in the film. 

Lucasfilm confirmed the rumor that members of N�Sync have been asked to be extras in the film. A spokesperson for Lucasfilm told MTV News that the �boys� would make a brief appearance in the film during a "big scene with lots of extras". 

Speculation runs rampant as to why N�Sync was asked to appear in the film. The New York Post says that is was the daughters of George Lucas who talked daddy into having the �boys� in the film. However, a Lucasfilm spokesperson told E! Online that it was the members of the group who approached the film�s producer Rick McCallum requesting a part in the film since they are big fans of the franchise. The antiMUSIC guess is that Lucusfilm agreed to have the �boys� in the film to sell movie tickets to the group�s large fanbase. But will the film be released in time to cash in on N�Sync�s popularity? Or will the group�s fifteen minutes run out before then with the film coming out after their fans had said �Bye Bye Bye� and moved on to the next �big thing�?  Time will tell but until then �May the Farce Be With You�. 

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