Posh Spice Kidnap Target? 

11-04-02 antiGUY
Life is stranger than fiction as this story demonstrates. Apparently a British tabloid aided Scotland Yard in foiling a planned kidnapping of Posh Spice. 

Nine suspects were arrested by London Police this past weekend. The suspects were said to be planning to kidnap Victoria Beckham, who is better known as Posh Spice of The Spice Girls fame. Scotland Yard was tipped off about the plan by the tabloid �News of the World� who had two reporters working undercover who infiltrated the �gang� of would-be kidnappers. 

The women formally known as Posh Spice is married to British soccer player David Beckham and the couple has two children who were also targets in the plot. News of the World reports that the gang, which includes five Romanian men and one Albanian, planned to snatch Beckham and their two children and hold them for 5 million pounds ransom. 

Rolling Stone online reports that, �five of the nine suspects remain in custody on unrelated theft charges while authorities continue their investigation.�

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