Eminem's 8 Mile Journey To Top The Film Charts.  

11-12-02 antiGUY
As expected Eminem�s acting debut in the film �8 Mile� was an instant hit with moviegoers. But few thought that the film would do as well as it actually did, bringing in $54.5 million its opening weekend, making it the fifth highest November opening weekend gross for any film in history. 

According to Billboard, executives at Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment expect the film to open with sales in �$35 million-to-low $40 million range�.  

The film was directed by Curtis Hanson(L.A. Confidential, Wonder Boys) and the storyline centers around a white rapper battling against the odds to make it in the music business.  The film has received rave reviews from critics and even skeptics have given Eminem a big �thumbs up� for his performance. 

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