Everclear Plan Spring Release

11-21-02 antiGUY
Everclear frontman Art Alexakis checked in with fans this week via the official Everclear website. In his post he discussed the new album, music piracy and his solo tour. 

Capitol Records plans to release the new studio disc, �Slowmotion Daydream on March 11, 2003. The first single from the album, �Volvo Driving Soccor Mom,� will hit U.S. radio in mid January. 

Here are some excerpts from Art�s posting. 

hey everybody!
well, as most of you know
the wait is over
our new album...."slowmotion daydream"
is hitting stores march 11th, 2003
the 1st single, "volvo driving soccer mom"
goes to radio on jan 14th
we start filming the video on tues nov 19th
 francis lawerence is directing
 we are really excited about this video
 i picked the guy that i respect the most
 out of all of the hot video directors out there
 the video is going to be humorous but dark at the
 same time
 (kinda like me!)

 capitol has already put a lot of money into promoting
 this record and video
 so i really think these dates are for real

� we will be touring (a real tour)
 in april and may

 i wanted to say something
 about downloading our record

 when capitol sends the cd out for reviews
 some writer somewhere
 will send it to somebody
 who will down load it

 i dont like it
 its something ive worked on for a year
 and put my heart and soul into
 and i would like to be able to show it to the world
 in my own way
 and in my own time

 but that said
 if you do download it
 and you like the record
 i would like to ask you to buy it when it comes out
 its the right thing to do
 if you dont like it
 then i ask you you to not listen to it at all
 and not to copy it
 its cool if you dont like something
 its cool if you do like it but its
 not available yet
 but its not cool to enjoy
 something you not willing to buy

 i know most of the people at this website are decent
 wonderful people
 whose support of the band is truly amazing

 i know most of you do the right thing anyway

 regardless if its ec or anyone else
 if you like it
 buy it

 thanks to everyone who came out for the college

 we really appreciate you support


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