Jimmy Eat World To Release DVD-EP 

11-21-02 antiGUY
Jimmy Eat World fans will get an early Christmas present from the band next week in the form of a DVD-EP.  

The will be in stores next Tuesday (Nov 26). 

The following announcement for the DVD-EP was recently Posted on the official Jimmy Eat World website:
You know how some bands release a CD-EP before they release a full length? Like how the self-titled EP came out before Clarity? Well, Jimmy Eat World are doing this with their DVD too. They will be releasing a DVD-EP, which is basically a preview of the upcoming full length DVD. 


The Jimmy Eat World DVD-EP will be released on 11/26. The DVD will sell at a very low price (list price is $7.98) and in some store promotions it will be available as a bundle with the Jimmy Eat World CD for a great holiday gift idea. 

The forthcoming DVD EP is a souvenir of Jimmy's recent worldwide journies[sic]. It features the trio of videos Jimmy Eat World made to support Jimmy Eat World, as well as a live video, some live audio and a preview of the full-length DVD the band will release in 2003, entitled "Believe In What You Want." 

Also gracing the DVD EP is a live performance of the Jimmy Eat World track "Get It Faster," taken from a bravura outing at Washington D.C.'s 9:30 Club. 

Four audio tracks further flesh out the collection. Three of them, "The Authority Song," "Bleed American" and "For Me This Is Heaven," were likewise recorded at the 9:30 Club. 

The fourth audio-only inclusion is Jimmy Eat World's version of George Michael's holiday gem "Last Christmas." 

You can expect from 2003's long-form "Believe In What You Want," a full-length concert, documentary footage and acoustic performances recorded in the studio...how they made their record, what it's like in the studio, live performances and a glimpse into the lives of the band. The Jimmys are approaching our DVD stuff from a fan's perspective:

 "If we were fans, how would we want this stuff presented to us?"

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