Sharon Pulls The Plug On The Osbournes, The Clan Set To Host American Music Awards. 

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Living 24/7 under the public eye has brought the Osbourne clan international fame but has also taken it�s toll on the family in unexpected ways. Since the first season wrapped Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer and the second season will include footage of her undergoing treatment and fighting the disease. 

Sharon spoke with Barbara Walters of ABC�s 20/20 and told her that this second season of the Osbournes which is set to debut on Nov 26th on MTV will be the last season. �We can�t do it anymore,� Sharon told Walters. Sharon said that the show has �changed us all so much." The two Osbourne children who opted to participate in the series became instant celebrity�s and now even have lawyers and business managers. 

Sharon did go on record and told Walters that Ozzy fell off the wagon soon after she was diagnosed with cancer. "So it's a little bit invasive right now and we have no privacy,� said Sharon. �You know when you're sick, you want to be on your own? I can't throw up on my own and Ozzy can't get drunk on his own."

She also said that fans will witness in the second season just how much fame has changed the family. "Because it's a moment in time, when we were innocent to it all, we went in feet first and you can't recreate that," she said. "Yes, now, this series, people will see what the first series has done to our lives and it will take people to the next stage. But after that, it's over."

Dick Clark has also called upon The Osbourne�s to host the 30th annual American Music Awards, which will be held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on January13th. "We are going to give the American Music Awards 2003 a different slant as only the Osbournes can," said Sharon Osbourne in a statement.

"I can't wait to see what Ozzy and the rest of the family have in store for us, and I know the ABC-TV censor is already having dreams, or should I say nightmares, about their live ad-libs," said Dick Clark who is executive producer of the awards show.

You can tune in to the second season of �The Osbournes� on November 26th, when it debuts on MTV. 

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