Eminem Trounces Nirvana and Christina Aguilera. 

11-06-02 antiGUY
Eminem raced to the top of the charts once again, this time with the release of the 8 Mile soundtrack, beating out Christina Aguilera and Nirvana to claim the top spot on the Billboard 200 Album Charts. 

The star studded hip-hop soundtrack to the new Eminem film �8 Mile� moved more than 703,000 units its first week in stores. Coming in at No.2, Christina Aguilera trails far behind with first week sales of almost 331,000. 

The Nirvana greatest hits collection came in third with less than expected sales of 234,000.  The folks at Universal may be scratching their heads as to why the Nirvana album had such a lackluster showing but they need to look no further than antiMUSIC for the answer as some die hard Nirvana fans have chimed in with their feelings on this �best of� collection over the past couple of month. 

The main consensus among Nirvana fans who have Posted comments here at antiMUSIC about this album seems to be that the inclusion of the one new song �"You Know You're Right"� wasn�t enough to compel them to purchase a CD filled with songs they already own from Nirvana�s studio releases. Another major factor is the backlash against Kurt Cobain�s widow, Courtney Love, and the fans reluctance to purchase an album that they view has been released so that Love could profit. What the diehard Nirvana fans really wanted was the Nirvana Boxset that was to be released last year but was shelved for because of legal battles between Love, the remaining members of Nirvana and Universal Records. 

Love and Universal have promised that the Boxset and a rarities collection will be released in the future. 

Elsewhere on the charts: 
Santana's �Shaman� went from No. 1 last week to No. 4 this week.
Faith Hill�s �Cry� lands at No. 6
Tori Amos�s �Scarlet�s Walk� debuted at No. 7.
Eminem�s �Eminem Show� at No. 8 
Avril Lavigne�s �Let�s Go� at No. 9
The Dixie Chicks� �Home� at No. 10. 
The solo album from Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter lands at No. 17. 

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