Quicks: Down Vs. Adema, Joe Strummer on MTV2, Wonderlove, Radio Bans Tom Petty. 

11-07-02 antiGUY
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Blabbermouth had this follow-up to a story we broke back in August (see story).

DOWN's PEPPER KEENAN: 'ADEMA Got Smoked' - Nov. 7, 2002
DOWN/C.O.C. guitarist Pepper Keenan has confirmed the reports that a physical altercation took place between members of DOWN and ADEMA backstage at the St. Louis stop of Ozzfest in August.  When pressed about the incident by Cleveland, Ohio�s Music�s Bottom Line, Keenan joked around at first that he�d never heard of ADEMA, eventually offering simply that Jonathan Davis� little half-brother Marky Chavez and his group �got smoked�. Asked if the press reports blew things out of proportion in the days following the fight, Pepper replied, �Naw, they [ADEMA] just got shut up and that was it.�

From Billboard.com 

Strummer Goes 'Global' With MTV2 

Joe Strummer will host a new a new program on MTV2, which launches with a short Monday (Nov. 11) at 10 p.m. ET. Titled "Joe Strummer's Global Boom-Box," the show will serve as the visual equivalent to the radio program he's hosted in recent years for BBC Radio. "Global" will likely expand on the worldly sounds Strummer has been embracing since his days with the Clash, through to his most recent studio set, "Global a Go-Go," with his band the Mescaleros.

From iconoFAN�s Scott Slapp:

Wonderlove Make a Strong Showing

11/7/02 - Irvine Ca:  It looks like rising stars Wonderlove will take away the gold again at the 2003 Orange County Music awards. They competed last night to retain their title as �Best Live Band� at the Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forrest, Ca. and while their competition was good, they were no match for the Wonderlove�s blitzkrieg of music! 

The other bands got a respectable reception from the audience but once Wonderlove hit the stage it was all over, the crowd surged forward and the band blew everyone away! If they don�t walk away with the �best live band� title again this year, I�ll know the judges were smoking crack because Wonderlove was on fire and rocked the house! 

411: Wonderlove is an Orange County/Long Beach band that seems the most likely to succeed. They are currently the most requested band on Orange County radio station The Crush and they recently completed their second full-length album and have filmed videos for the three singles and are actively shopping their album with the majors.  A bidding war is expected so it�s just a matter of time before these guys go international. They have the potential to be a major force in music, so they are definitely the band to watch in 2003.  

(Also look for a feature article later this month at Rocknworld.com that profiles Wonderlove and other rising stars from the OC/LB music scene. But for now, you can check them out at Wonderlove.net -ed)

From Rollingstone.com 

The man who told the world �I Won�t Back Down,� �Don�t Do Me Like That� and �Don�t Come Around Here No More� doesn�t need any assertiveness-training course. Tom Petty�s determined, sometimes defiant attitude has collided with the music business throughout the years. For instance, in 1982 Petty recorded Hard Promises with the Heartbreakers, only to find that his then-record company had plans to use his name to initiate a new, higher $9.98 list price for albums. Petty withheld the tapes and threatened to retitle his record $8.98 in protest. 

That same spirit is alive and well on Petty�s latest album, The Last DJ, which takes a hard look at the lack of moral grounding in the music business. The title track has kicked up considerable controversy, with some radio stations seeing the song as a slap in the face and banning it. But Petty is not just biting the hand that feeds him. Music is only the beginning of what�s pissing him off these days. �The Last DJ is a story about morals more than the music business,� he says. �It�s really about vanishing personal freedoms.�

Petty also discussed several other topics with Rolling Stone ranging from the high cost of CD�s and concert tickets to greed in the record industry. You can read the full story by clicking here.

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