Definitive Ozzy Era Black Sabbath Collection To Hit Stores This Month.

10-14-02 antiGUY
Have you always wanted to own all of those classic Black Sabbath songs from when Ozzy Osbourne was fronting the band, and just didn�t have enough cash to purchase all fo the CD�s?  Here is your chance as Rhino Records is releasing a 29 track, 2 CD set of the
best of The Ozzy years of Black Sabbath. The disc is set to hit stores on October 22nd and is titled �Symptom Of The Universe: The Original Black Sabbath�. 

Here is the track listing for this greatest hits collection:

DISC 1: 
1. Black Sabbath 
2. N.I.B. 
3. The Wizard 
4. Warning 
5. Evil Woman 
6. War Pigs 
7. Paranoid 
8. Iron Man 
9. Fairies Wear Boots 
10. Sweet Leaf 
11. Children Of The Grave 
12. Into The Void 
13. Lord Of This World 

DISC 2: 
1. After Forever 
2. Changes 
3. Snowblind 
4. Laguna Sunrise 
5. Tomorrow's Dream 
6. Supernaut 
7. Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath 
8. Fluff 
9. Sabbra Cadabra 
10. Am I Going Insane (Radio) 
11. Symptom Of The Universe 
12. Hole In The Sky 
13. Rock 'N' Roll Doctor 
14. Dirty Women 
15. Never Say Die 
16. A Hard Road

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