Lee Aaron Shares 'Elevate' Video

Published 01-25-2023

Lee Aaron Shares 'Elevate' Video Album art

(Metalville) Lee Aaron releases the official video for "Elevate." The song is the third single from her latest studio album Elevate, released in North America last month by Metalville Records

Aaron explains, "I think it's a shame how social media can divide good people. Analytics guarantee everyone has their own special 'feed' and you're never hearing a different perspective - it polarizes people. Elevate is about not buying into that trap; it's about choosing to lift each other up."

As the title track inspires, "It's not too late to re-create, let's celebrate, let's Elevate - LET'S ELEVATE!"

ELEVATE: transitive verb

1: To lift up or make higher 2: to raise in rank or status

3: to improve morally, intellectually or culturally 4: to raise the spirits of

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Lee Aaron Shares 'Elevate' Video

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