Iron Maiden Legend Paul Di'Anno Announces Final UK Tour

Michael Angulia | 05-27-2024

Iron Maiden Legend Paul Di'Anno Announces Final UK Tour

The manager of former Iron Maiden frontman Paul Di'Anno says that the legendary metal vocalist's upcoming UK dates will be his last tour of the country, and plans are in the works for dates in North America and Japan.

Di'Anno's manager, Stjepan Juras, share via Facebook, "Right now, both Paul and I are naming the 2024 tour Paul's last UK tour. With all the shows already announced and some yet to be announced, this is really the last chance to see Paul perform a full Iron Maiden set on tour in the UK, so this is our call to you all; come, enjoy and say goodbye in style.

"Of course, Paul will not stop performing in the UK, but in the future, you will be able to see him exclusively at larger festivals or in larger halls at several selected shows, where the repertoire will include Battlezone and Killers and Warhorse and Maiden and many other songs from all periods of his career.

"Due to mostly inadequate clubs, venues in basements, the impossibility of installing a ramp for the stage in most places, etc., only and exclusively large and fully equipped halls will be considered.

"In the meantime, I am working intensively on enabling Paul's return to the USA and Canada, his return to Japan, and concerts in some new markets, which will open the boundaries of the spread of heavy metal music.

"Due to Paul's health condition, we will have to see how many shows he will be able to play, and my intention is to provide him with exactly as many as he needs to constantly have finances for treatment and basic living needs."

Read Juras' full statement Facebook.

Announced dates:
21.08.24 - Leeds, UK
22.08.24 - Blackpool, UK
23.08.24 - Newark-On-Trent, UK SOLD OUT
25.08.24 - Crumlin, UK
26.08.24 - Swindon, UK

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