Singled Out: Dog'N'Style's Out 4 Blood

Keavin Wiggins | 07-09-2024 11:24 AM EDT

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Singled Out: Dog'N'Style's Out 4 Blood

French alt-metal rockers Dog'N'Style just released their new album, "Take It Or Leave It", and to celebrate we asked vocalist Joris to tell us about the song "Out 4 Blood". Here is the story:

This album deals with the idea of revenge, hatred, dark & raw emotions. The feeling that was central to the writing of 'OUT 4 BLOOD!' is revenge. This idea came out during a discussion we had together with band about our vision of music. I have that vision or drive which allowed me to be the best version of myself, artistically : revenge. What better way of improving myself than wanting to prove something to people who hate or dislike you? To get to the point in which even these haters can't say something bad about you.

This song is dealing with revenge and I had someone in mind who filled that sweet spot for me. I just wanted to write about that person's murder : a revenge fantasy. But who has never thought about killing someone who bullied you? So I created a check-list of reasons: why am I so angry? The victim in the text I'm talking about is someone very close to me & if you pay enough attention to it, it's not only a text about a murder or revenge - it's also a love letter.

"I kill you because you should have loved me. I murder you because I'm still craving for it." The violence is a reaction to that person's emotional unavailability. The shouting and the rage, throughout the song, are a consequence of it. That hate I feel toward that person is a result of every event or behavior I wrote in that song. I wanted to keep the text and the idea as simple and clear as possible to translate the rawness and brutality of these feelings. Furthermore, hate is a feeling stronger than love. Basically, 'Out 4 Blood!' is a love letter to the person I love and hate the most.

Is it blood or tears on the knife I'm holding?

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album, plus find their upcoming live dates with Trapt here

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