Disturbed's David Draiman Talks Ann Wilson Collaboration and Divisive Album

Keavin Wiggins | 11-19-2022

Disturbed Album art
Album art

Disturbed frontman David Draiman of was on Audacy Check In and spoke about the band's new album, "Divisive", and also talked about working with Heart icon Ann Wilson.

Wilson guests on the song "Don't Tell Me," and Draiman spoke about how she became involved, "It was just as nerve-racking; besides getting up the guts to ask her on Twitter, and then to go ahead and try and send her the song idea, was just as nerve-racking. But she loved it, we loved it... I love how it came out. We couldn't be happier."

He also said of the theme of he new album, "...everybody was kind of sticking to their own teams, so to speak, prior to the pandemic... everybody was very hyper-polarized.

"You're either Red or Blue and if you're anything in the middle of that or anything that tries to consider and respect a mode of thinking that isn't the one you want to hear coming out of somebody's mouth...

"There are so many people I do believe out there that really believe that there can be a mutual respect, a mutual understanding... I've not seen the level of vitriol and the level of venom that is being spewed on a regular basis that's leading to acts of violence.

"It's not good for anybody; the only people it's good for are the people in power who continue to fan the flames." Stream the interview here.

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