Iron Maiden Legend Paul Di'Anno Inks New Record Deal


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(MBM) BraveWords.com recently announced the launch of BraveWords Records and now BraveWords Records is excited to announce their debut signing of Paul Di'Anno's Warhorse. Paul Di'Anno's Warhorse will release their first title for BraveWords Records in 2024.

The core of the band and founders are Paul Di'Anno, vocals, Hrvoje Madiraca, guitar and Ante Pupacic Pupi, guitar. BraveWords Records founder Metal Tim Henderson, "How excited were you to hear that Paul Di'Anno was back with a new band called Warhorse?! I was so happy to see him back in action again and getting his life back to normal. The beast roared back and BraveWords Records is honored to have him and his new band as the inaugural signing to the label. There are so many great things brewing behind the scenes, so stay tuned!"

Paul Andrews, a British singer better known by his stage name Paul Di'Anno, his nearly half-century-long career began explosively with Iron Maiden, when with the EP 'The Soundhouse Tapes', and the albums 'Iron Maiden' and 'Killers ' forever cemented the foundations of heavy metal. With timeless hits like 'Iron Maiden', 'Remember Tomorrow', 'Running Free', 'Phantom of the Opera', 'Killers', 'Wratchild', Murders in the Rue Morgue', 'Purgatory' etc., they influenced numerous musicians and bands and were responsible for the creation or development of many subgenres in metal music.

Paul is known as one of the most productive singers, who has a huge number of albums and other releases behind him, either as a solo artist or a member of bands such as Gogmagog, Di'Anno's Battlezone, Praying Mantis, Killers, Rockfellas or Warhorse. In all his incarnations, Paul always knew how to find a way to the fans, with numerous hits, uncompromising singing, which is confirmed by his successful career and furious live shows around the world.

For the last eight years, Paul faced serious health problems that almost ended his career, but thanks to his loyal fans and his strong will to overcome the disease, Paul is on a big world tour again, and he recorded a new album with his new band Warhorse. This icon of heavy metal with the heart of a punk rock rebel never spared himself in his life, but he always gave everything for music and fans, which is why they have followed him faithfully for almost fifty years.

BraveWords Records have agreed to physical distribution deals with Plastic Head in Europe and MVD in North America.

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