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Page Too Report for 10/23/2016

Dave Grohl Got Jane's Addiction Their Rock Hall Nomination

(Classic Rock) Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell says the band's nomination for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame came about thanks to Foo Fighters' leader Dave Grohl.

Earlier this week, Jane's Addiction were confirmed as one of the nominees for next year's event, along with artists including Yes, Pearl Jam and Bad Brains. And Farrell reports that Grohl tipped him off about the news before it became public knowledge - and that the Foos' man had a helping hand in their inclusion.

Farrell tells Eddie Trunk: "I'm very excited about it. When I heard about it, I was on the phone texting, but my feet were clapping. Just recently, Dave Grohl had a fundraiser for his children's school and he invited me to participate. When I was there, he took me in the corner, and said, 'Hey, man, I just want to let you know something. I've been working with the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - and I got you on the ballot. I hope it all goes well.'" Read more here.

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Bon Jovi Play New Album On Broadway

(Radio.com) Bon Jovi played a show at New York's Barrymore Theatre on Broadway last week (October 20), doing a very ambitious set: they were playing all fifteen songs from their latest album, This House is Not For Sale, which isn't even out until November 4.

Bands with three-plus decades of history are lucky if they can play three or four new songs in a set: but a full album of fifteen songs that most people hadn't heard yet? That's a tough one.

But from the opening notes of the first song, "This House is Not For Sale," it was clear that he hasn't lost his knack for writing huge anthems. The song sounded like it could find a home on country radio; with a little luck, it could be a pop hit. At the same time, it sounded quintessentially Bon Jovi.

"Albums meant something to me growing up," Bon Jovi told the crowd, noting that he knew it was asking a lot for the fans to listen to fifteen new songs. But he seemed intensely committed to the album, and with good reason. Most of the songs were catchy and sounded like potential hits. But he seemed to be going for a bit more than ear candy: the album, he said, is "The story of the people who have been on this journey with us for thirty-three years." He explained that after he releases the songs, the characters become his audience. "Tommy and Gina [from 'Livin' on a Prayer'] became you guys. Frankie [from 'It's My Life'] became you guys!" Read more here.

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Black Metal Band Crash Couple's Engagement Photo Shoot

(Metal Hammer) A couple celebrating their engagement with a photo shoot in the woods captured some unforgettable memories when they stumbled across a black metal band 'in the wild.'

John Awesome and Nydia Hernandez wanted to mark getting engaged by taking some pictures in the woods in Holy Jim Canyon, California. They hired photographer Janet Wheeland to take some romantic shots, but John noticed some eye-catching characters lurking among the trees.

Metal band Coldvoid were also in the woods shooting promo shots, using the full moon as a backdrop. John Awesome, 34, tells ABC: "During the last part of the session, we noticed a few guys with some corpse paint makeup on sitting at a nearby bench blaring out some black metal music.

"We just randomly thought it would be a funny idea if we could get them to be a part of our engagement shoot. So we approached them and asked and they were more than happy to accept. Super nice people. I seriously can't make this stuff up."

Photographer Wheeland approached the band to ask if they'd pose with the couple. She says: "They gave us a copy of their new demo and it was the perfect eerie soundtrack for the drive out of the woods.

"It was a perfect, spontaneous finale to our photo shoot. We couldn't have planned it better." See the photo here.

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Slipknot's Corey Taylor Opens Up About Addiction Battle

(Metal Hammer) Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has opened up on his battle with alcoholism that plagued his early career. He's been sober since 2006 but speaking to Anthrax leader Scott Ian on his Never Meet Your Heroes SiriusXM radio show, Taylor reports there was a time when he thought that without alcohol, he wouldn't be able to go onstage.

Taylor says: "There was a huge war going on in my head, and that kind of fed the booze. That fed a lot of my issues with drinking and sh*t because I had given up drugs when I was a teenager so that wasn't an issue for me - but the booze was really the anchor that I still had.

"I had bullsh*tted myself into thinking that I couldn't go on stage without it like, 'It's good luck.' Such addict bullsh*t." Taylor points to his work with Stone Sour, particularly the track Bother from their self-titled 2002 album, as a moment in his career that fed his ego and turned him into a "douchebag." Read more here.

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Backstreet Boys Make Surprise Appearance At We Can Survive Concert

(Radio.com) CBS Radio's forth annual We Can Survive concert, which took place Saturday night (October 22), was a star-studded affair, with a lineup that included Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, OneRepublic, Meghan Trainor, G-Eazy and Charlie Puth.

But the crowd went crazy, when, with no introduction, surprise performers the Backstreet Boys took the stage after Grande's set. With no warning, they appeared onstage, performing "Backstreet's Back," followed by "Incomplete." During the later song, the monitors showed a male fan near the stage, crying with joy.

Singer Howie Dorough told the crowd that the boy band were very proud to be there, before informing the audience that they were about to hit memory lane, going into "As Long As You Love Me," and flawlessly busting out the old-school dance moves. Read more here.

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Chuck D Says LL Cool J Should Be Inducted Into Rock Hall Before Tupac

(Radio.com) Tupac Shakur is on the ballot for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 2017 induction class, and hip-hop fans are hopeful that the legendary MC will be voted in.

However, one guy who thinks that his induction would be premature is Chuck D of Public Enemy. He tweeted, "Got forever love for PAC BUT there AINT a solo rap act that should get in the RRHOF before @llcoolj I Dont care about what naysayers think."

He was right to predict naysayers; reaction to that tweet was less than favorable, so Chuck elaborated. "When @llcoolj entered the rap game there was NOTHING close to the blizzard he came in the game with.1 dude rearranged records & performance." Read more here.

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Fitz and the Tantrums Drop Animated Video for 'Roll Up'

(Radio.com) Fitz and the Tantrums take an animated turn in their new video for "Roll Up." Dressed like a modern-day Cupid, Michael Fitzpatrick flies around a club where everybody should be having fun.

He finds instead, though, that everyone is too engrossed with their smartphones to notice one another, let alone lead any kind of real life beyond their digital existence. As a result, his arrows don't have the same effect they normally would because everyone is too distracted by their screens.

Fitzpatrick gets the idea to start taking people's phones away from them, which results in a frenzied chase. He first attempts his plan with a wolfman and later with a Viking woman, each one growing angry that he's interfered with their form of pleasure. With each new scene, the animated characters find that if they put down their phones and pay attention to the world around them they have a better shot at finding love than they would on a Tinder-like app. Check it out here.

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Chance the Rapper Releases iPhone Video For 'How Great'

(Radio.com) In the age of technology, musicians have more tools at their fingertips than ever before to record, edit, and share music videos. Chance the Rapper's video for "How Great" makes use of the upright lock feature, displaying vertically for a unique viewing experience on your iPhone.

He shared the video--which was also shot entirely on iPhone--via Twitter and encouraged fans to view with the screen lock firmly in place. His gambit appears to have paid off--as of Friday morning, the video had been retweeted more than 30,000 times.

A few cameo appearances by Francis & the Lights, Jay Electronica, a gospel choir, and his cousin Nicole don't hurt. Watch the inventive video for "How Great" here.

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Little Mix Release 'Shout Out To My Ex' Video

(Radio.com) Little Mix has released a video for their passive-aggressive breakup anthem, "Shout Out to my Ex." The foursome spent a day in the Spanish countryside glammed up at their campsite and motoring down a deserted highway in a classic convertible. The scenic backdrop proves to be perfect for selfies.

Some background: Last August, Little Mix star Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik (then of One Direction) called off their engagement after three years of dating.

Since then, Zayn has struck up a high-profile romance with it-girl model Gigi Hadid. Is the song about him? Well, it's not not about him. Watch the video here.

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Taylor Swift Shares Her Cat Troubles

(Radio.com) Taylor Swift revealed last week that she was feeling under the weather, but her cat wont' her let her sleep. Swift took to Intsagram to share a video of her cat meowing quite loudly as she was attempting to get some shut-eye.

The clip is pretty dark so it's hard to tell if it's Olivia Benson or Meredith Grey who is the culprit. "Got a bad cold and an overly emotional cat," she wrote. "No sleep til Austin," she said.

The latter was a reference to her gig at the big Formula 1 race in Texas this past weekend. "Ps the door isn't even closed, she's so irrational," she continued. Check it out here.

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Jay Z May Be First Rapper Inducted Into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

(Radio.com) Jay Z has been named one of the nominees for the 2017 Songwriters Hall of Fame. If selected, he would be the first rapper to receive the prestigious award.

Songwriters are eligible for induction after writing hit songs for at least 20 years. Jay Z, who released his debut album, Reasonable Doubt, in 1996, has written multiple hits in the last two decades, from "Big Pimpin'," to "Empire State of Mind."

The list of nominees, which was announced last Thursday (Oct. 20), also includes: George Michael, Madonna, Bryan Adams, Vince Gill, Babyface, Max Martin, Kool & the Gang, Cat Stevens, Sly Stone, Chicago, Gloria Estefan, Jeff Lynne and David Gates. Read more here.

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Joe Jonas Found Jonas Brother's 'Pure' Image Difficult

(Radio.com) Every so often, Joe Jonas will, during the course of an interview, discuss what it was like to get famous and hormonal under the chaste, principled umbrella of The Jonas Brothers.

The "purity rings" they wore seem at odds with the sexual, mature persona each has carved out as an adult -- Joe's music with DNCE, Nick's solo career.

"We had to be careful with the certain things we wrote and said," Joe explained in a recent interview. 'We couldn't be too sexual or romantic in certain ways.

"And that's tough because at the same time you're growing up and you want to write about these experiences you're having as a young adult." Read more here.

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