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Page Too Report for 09/15/2016

Lady Gaga Reportedly In Talks For Super Bowl Halftime Show

(Radio.com) Sources shared with Billboard that Lady Gaga was in talks to spearhead the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show, which will take place in Houston, Texas, on February 5, 2017.

Apparently, when she sang the National Anthem at the 2016 Super Bowl, she turned more than a few heads and the NFL is interested in seeing what she can do leading the halftime spot.

The NFL is still denying they have made any decision, though. "We have had conversations with several fantastic artists about the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show. However, at this point we do not have a final decision," an NFL rep said. "We're happy there is so much excitement about the show." Read more here.

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Kings Of Leon Release 'Waste a Moment' Video

(Radio.com) Kings of Leon released the music video for their newest single "Waste a Moment." The song comes from the band's forthcoming album Walls, which will be released on October 14th.

The video seems to combine the experimentation of earlier cinema forms, like French New Wave, with the self-conscious aesthetic so many contemporary films now exhibit. It's striking shot after striking shot, but assembled into a linear narrative it makes little sense.

Although there seems to be some kind of story, the way it's been edited together feels as though someone took a feature length film, randomly cut out three minutes and then edited that together for audiences to understand without seeing the other 87 minutes.

Let's break it down: A group of three cheerleaders open the video. They sit in a field while one watches two cops drop dead. From there, Caleb Followill gets into a standoff with an older man, and he and Jared Followill later end up blindfolded.

The cheerleaders reappear later on, also blindfolded. In fact, the metaphor of eyesight becomes a strong one between the blindfolds and later shots of a hand holding an eyeball. Watch the video here.

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Jack White Perform White Stripes' Classic On Jools Holland

(Radio.com) Jack White appeared on the BBC's Later With Jools Holland to plug his compilation Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016, and reached into the White Stripes archives for his performance.

He played "We're Going to be Friends" and shared air time with Jimmy Page, who was there to promote Led Zeppelin's BBC Sessions reissue. Over the weekend, White told NPR that the compilation album would help clarify that he's more than just an electric guitarist.

"Well, I wanted a record that would showcase songwriting throughout the years, and the acoustic angle was the best way to go about that, to get away from the 'Jack White as an electric guitar player' thing," he said.Watch White's unplugged performance of the Stripes' classic here.

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Kenny Chesney Releases 'Setting the World on Fire' Video

(Radio.com) Kenny Chesney has premiered the music video for their song, "Setting the World on Fire." The song comes from forthcoming album Cosmic Hallelujah, which will be released on October 28th.

The slow motion, black and white video takes place in Los Angeles, and is a romantic look at a young couple's day of breezy love. They eat Chinese food in their hotel room, snap pictures on La Cienega Blvd. and generally look beautiful as they spend all day together and end their evening overlooking the city's skyline.

While Chesney and P!nk don't appear in the video per se, advertisements of them do. The video manages to stack several shots of billboards, building posters and more announcing the duet and making sure fans haven't forgotten the artists behind this sweeping country ballad. Watch the video here.

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Justin Timberlake Would 'Absolutely' Collaborate With Britney Spears

(Radio.com) Justin Timberlake says in a new interview that he would "absolutely" collaborate with Britney Spears if she reached out to him to enter the studio together.

It's been 14 years since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's young love captured the imagination of a generation. While the pair have since spun off in different romantic and professional directions, JT has confirmed there may be hope for a reunion in the studio.

Earlier this year, Spears described Timberlake as "very good" when rattling off some of her favorite pop artists; She also had nice things to say about Aerosmith and Gwen Stefani.

An E! News reporter retold the story to Justin as an invitation to collaborate (which it wasn't, exactly) and he replied "She did? Sure! Absolutely, absolutely." Read more here.

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Zayn Malik Announces The Release Of Autobiography

(Radio.com) Former One Direction star Zayn Malik has announced that he will release his autobiography November 1 aptly titled, ZAYN, via Penguin Random House.

In the book, the 23 year old singer will share his collection of thoughts, inspirations, personal stories, notes and drawings, and never-before-seen personal photographs.

Within the first few pages, ZAYN reveals to readers the impetus to publishing his first book, "I'm going to show you as much as I can so that you can judge me on my own terms, not on what the press or anyone else says." Read more here.

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Dwight Yoakam Covers Prince Classic On New Album

(Radio.com) Dwight Yoakam has recorded a bluegrass version of Prince's "Purple Rain" which he will include on his new album. The country star was working on the record, Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars' when he heard the tragic news that Prince had died, reports People.

"It was the day that Prince died [and] the third day we were tracking the record. I had been watching the news coverage when it first broke and continued as I got ready to leave the hotel for the day's sessions," Yoakam said. "I went to the studio, and everyone was kind of experiencing a bewildered sort of shock about it, and I felt deeply saddened. the fact that he was found alone at his compound just seemed a tragic punctuation to the sense of the loss for millions that he had brought such joy to with his music."

Prince was just 57 when he was found dead inside his Paisley Park compound from of an accidental overdose of the painkiller fentanyl. "We were all lamenting it, and I said, 'It just feels like we should record "Purple Rain."' I had always loved the simplistic beauty of that melody and refrain." Read more here.

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Miranda Lambert Announces New Album 'The Weight Of These Wings'

(Radio.com) Miranda Lambert has announced that her new album, entitled The Weight Of These Wings, will be released on November 18th. Lambert has already released the album's lead single "Vice," and accompanying music video.

Miranda's highly anticipated new album She announced the title and release date via a video on her social media accounts. The black and white clip features Lambert sitting in her trailer writing in a notebook, the camera zooms in to reveal the information about her new project.

It's Miranda's first new album since 2014's Platinum, and also her first since her divorce from fellow country singer Blake Shelton. Check out Miranda's big announcement here.

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Marriage Rumors Heat Up

(Radio.com) Gwen Stefani helped fuel rumors after recently got flustered when she was asked if she'll be marrying country superstar Blake Shelton. Stefani was appearing on the show On Air With Ryan Seacrest at the time, and she responded, 'Everything is going so quickly. . . I'm in the moment and, um, look at me, you've got me tongue-tied."

It's possible that Seacrest hit too close to the truth. A source in Shelton's camp told US Magazine that the couple are indeed going to tie the knot. "They want to get married before the end of the year," the insider said.

'They are both very, very happy," added the source. 'Blake is having the time of his life with Gwen and feels so comfortable around her." "Gwen has said they both want something more low-key than their first weddings," another unnamed source said. 'It would likely be at Blake's ranch [in Oklahoma] or in the backyard. Gwen doesn't really care, she is just in love with Blake and their life together." Read more here.

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Singled Out: Death Koolaid's Emmeline

Death Koolaid singer Siren Sycho tells us about the song "Emmeline" from their brand new album "Death Koolaid Vol. 2". Here is the story:

Emmeline is named after the famous suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst an equal rights activist for women. The music was written on national women's day. Hence the name.

Before I began writing the lyrics I had just been on the Internet and had checked the comments under a post I had written. I had posted a video of a band and slated them and the attention I had gotten was unreal. So many people saying how could I say something like that, I shouldn't "diss" other musicians. My musical integrity was in jeopardy because I was speaking my mind and voicing my opinion! I was horrified that people didn't want to listen to an opinion. I believe if I hate something then I'm going to say it.
The whole song was inspired by this.

There are so many views and opinions on the Internet and in a way there are too many to the point where no one is listening to anyone because of it.
The lyrics are about how the masses carry about their mundane lives, living in a society that's full of people judging each other for being different. There's no one worth listening to and no one is willing to speak his or her mind. If anyone dares to say an opinion they will be punished for doing so.
I write most of the lyrics to our songs before I hear the music. I have a big book full of stuff I've written so I take it to practice, listen to a new tune and find some lyrics to fit to the music. This way of writing has always worked well for me. I find it easier to hear the sound of the music before I find which lyrics I think will fit with the mood of the song.

Emmeline has a very dark sound musically, the intro with its striking fast beats and punky guitar riffs gets you going before smashing you in the face with the chorus! After the second chorus it drops out into some slower chugging stuff with hard hitting vocals over the top. The break down after half way through gives off a chilly sound with almost ghostly sounding vocals, which is actually our drummer whispering disturbingly into the mic when we recorded. His vocals paired with my voice sounds really scary. Then as the break down builds up and up until the last chorus attacks you with its nasty hard booming sounds!! I love this song, it's one of my favorites from the new album.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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