Intodown - Brave New World Review

by Billy D. Gamble

Dallas Texas' Intodown's (AKA Michael Clark) debut album Brave New World is a instrumental post-metal progressive journey. The album is very psychedelic and at times resembles Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon with some Mars Volta undertones. Michael Clark's project includes a series of drummers, bassists, brass sections, and something called a flurbatron.

Intodown's breed of rock is unique and all its own. Brave New World is a record that probably should have been recorded alongside Pink Floyd and/or Eric Clapton. The solos are technical and very jam band oriented with a hint of rock 'n roll. The album is very creative and a journey within itself.

1. Elevator
2. Introdown
3. Fire
4. V
5. Revolution
6. Message Understood
7. The Mission
8. Revolution 2
9. Voice of the Past
10. Nostradamous
11. The Return

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