Eric Clapton, Cactus and Fair Warning

In this edition of Quick Flicks, Kevin checks out theses new DVD releases: Eric Clapton's The 1960's Review, Cactus' Live, Loud & Proud and Fair Warning's Talking Ain't Enough: Fair Warning Live in Tokyo

Eric Clapton
The 1960's Review

Sexy Intellectual

Not a concert film, The 1960's Review is a dissection of Clapton's formative years with the Yardbirds, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Cream and Blind Faith. Commentary comes from Mayall, the Yardbird's Chris Dreja, Cream producer Chris Welch and various journalists and other insiders. There's a little bit of commentary from Slow Hand himself, and a few snippets of performance. Not for the casual Clapton fan but if you live by the saying "Clapton is God" you will thoroughly enjoy this film.

Live, Loud & Proud


Despite the best of efforts and great musicianship from Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert, this blues-and-boogie band from the early '70s, formed out of the ashes of Vanilla Fudge, never stepped up. Still, what fans the band had were loyal and the ones that are still out there will dig this show with Bogert, Appice and former Savoy Brown singer Jimmy Kunes. Recorded during their 2006-07 tour to promote Cactus V, Live, Loud & Proud is just that with renditions of favorites "Long Tall Sally," "Parchman Farm" and "Big Mama Boogie."

Fair Warning
Talking Ain't Enough: Fair Warning Live in Tokyo


This German band is not that well known in the U.S. but they should be---at least amongst fans that like the sound made popular by classic rockers Journey. You could almost call them a German version of Journey; they play big, sweeping rockers alternated with heartstring-tugging big ballads and they even have a singer in Tommy Heart who has a Steve Perry kinda look about him. If you like this sort of thing this 2-DVD set offers plenty of it.

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