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Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone are the hot new country duo known as American Young and if you notice that the two have a very comfortable camaraderie on stage while singing about love and all that goes with it, as they do on their just-released first single "Love is War," you could easily get the idea that there's more than just a musical partnership going on here. Truth is Stone has a girlfriend and Osmunson recently got hitched. And while the pair most definitely connect on a deep level it is nothing romantic; still Stone went through a little gnashing-of-teeth on the occasion of Osmunson's wedding, caused by logistics though, not jealousy. Kristy got married at her mom's house in Sandpoint, Idaho and Jon had quite an adventure getting there.

Stone: I'm on my way to the wedding and stopped at a layover in Denver and I get an email "If you make it to Sandpoint, here's the address" and I'm like, "What!?" If I make it to Sandpoint? Is nobody going to be at the airport waiting for me? So I land in Spokane (the nearest airport to Sandpoint) at 1:30 in the morning and nobody's there. Then I find out that Sandpoint is 100-miles from Spokane. So I went to the Ramada Inn at the airport, no vacancies! No vacancies anywhere in the city. So I call Kristy's mom and she says "Come to Sandpoint." A 100-mile drive at 1:30 in the morning was not what I was looking for. But I had no choice so I go and rent a car and go to Sandpoint, and here are the directions I had: When the road turns to dirt, drive for a while and you'll see a house on the left with its porch light on. Come to find out that a long time ago they changed everybody's address, so the address Kristy gave me was not even close. It was like 1000 off. So I'm driving down this dirt road at 3:30 in the morning looking for houses with porch lights on and I'm in the middle of nowhere. I finally see a house with the porch light on and it's on the left. I walk up to the front door and the door is open so I walk in. I was told to come in, go up the stairs on the right and walk into one of the rooms. Totally against my better judgment I did that and there was somebody in the room! Oops, sorry! So I walked back downstairs looking at every photograph on the walls to see if Kristy is in any of them, just to know if I'm in the right house. She wasn't in a single one. So I'm at the front door thinking somebody's going to come out of one of these rooms with a shotgun! But I look in one more room and I see a picture with Kristy's mother in it. So, thank God, I'm in the right area! So I decide I'm gonna crash on the couch. Well I didn't know that Kristy's mother has an identical twin, and I was in the identical twin's house! They live 1000-feet from each other. But they didn't know who I was, so Kristy's aunt called Kristy's mother and said "There's a strange man sleeping on our couch!" I wake up and I'm surrounded by people and I'm like "Hey, everyone�"

Stone certainly could find inspiration for a song in the incident, not that he needs it. Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney and Rascal Flatts are just a few of the artists who've had hits with material penned by Stone. Osmunson, formerly of the group Bomshel, is an accomplished songwriter too, so it's a little bit surprising that American Young chose not to record one of their own songs for their initial offering. But "Love is War," aching yet honest and performed to a stripped-down arrangement that allows the duo's voices to shine, has resonated instantly with fans who are causing it to surge at radio in the first week of release. Osmunson and Stone aren't giving too much away as to what American Young's debut album for Curb Records will sound like; fans will just have to wait and see. But chances are it'll be pretty sweet. It seems that even if there's a wrong turn things will turn out just fine.

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