Dio - Finding the Sacred Heart: Live in Philly 1986

Long time Dio fans may have a crusty old VHS copy of this film somewhere in their archives but this newly restored version of Finding the Sacred Heart presents the entire concert for the first time, and with remastered sound.

With the more mature, somewhat grizzled Dio visage being the one usually seen these days it is a pleasure here to see the late star looking young and fresh as he strolls out onto a stage dressed as a medieval castle, under the watchful eye of a two-story tall fire-breathing dragon to begin the show appropriately enough with "King of Rock & Roll."

A couple other songs from Sacred Heart, the band's current album at the time, come early in the set as does "Don't Talk to Strangers" from debut album Holy Diver. As to "Holy Diver" the song, Dio gives it short shrift as it is buried in the middle of a medley where it gets overshadowed by a powerful reading of "The Last in Line" and a snippet of "Children of the Sea."

Dio also treats fans to a performance of "Heaven and Hell," one of the most beloved songs from his days with Black Sabbath.

This being the classic rock '80s most of the band members, their big hair all foofed-out as per the style of the day, get solos; new guitarist Craig Goldy rips it up center stage while keys man Claude Schnell takes the spotlight from his position up on the "castle's" ramparts and drummer Vinny Appice pounds away from on high, way up at the top of the parapets.

Further adding to the medieval mystique, a "crystal ball" lowers onto the stage at the beginning of "Sacred Heart" where an image of Dio projected onto the orb introduces the song in a distorted voice.

The latter part of the show features another medley, this time presenting Rainbow tunes "Long Live Rock 'n' Roll" and "Man on the Silver Mountain" wrapped around Dio cut "Rock 'n' Roll Children."

"Stand Up and Shout," "Rainbow in the Dark" and "We Rock" end this great vintage Dio show. Blu-ray and DVD bonus material includes two brief interviews with Ronnie, behind the scenes footage, a Sacred Heart Tour "featurette" and the video for "Rock 'n' Roll Children."




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