Michael Schenker - Temple of Rock Live

Over the course of his solo career Schenker has experimented a little with changes to his sound but what his fans have always appreciated the most is the stuff that sounds like his early work with the Scorpions and UFO.

So it's no surprise that after opening the show with Michael Schenker Group oldies "Into the Arena" and "Armed and Ready" he dips quickly into the Scorpions catalog for a blistering run through of "Lovedrive."

Even though this film is titled Temple of Rock Live Schenker actually only performs three songs from 2011's Temple of Rock album; "Another Piece of Meat," "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" and "Hanging On" where longtime Schenker cohort Michael Voss handles lead vocals while the band's current singer Doogie White takes a breather.

Voss has a shriller voice and a more thrilling delivery than White and no doubt the crowd would've loved for him to stick around for a few more songs, but White does an admirable job tackling the other 15 or so songs here, a set that includes other MSG stalwarts like "Assault Attack," "Shoot Shoot" and "Rock Bottom." UFO's "Lights Out" comes about mid set, followed a few songs later by Scorpions biggie "Rock You Like a Hurricane;" the show closes with a trifecta from the two classic rock bands in "Holiday," "Blackout" and "Doctor Doctor."

The main show here comes from a 2012 show in the Netherlands but also included is a five-song set from the 2011 High Voltage Festival featuring Voss on vocals, former Scorpions member Herman "Ze German" Rarebell on drums and guest players Rudolph Schenker and Pete Way on guitar and bass respectively.

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