Righteous Vendetta - The Fire Inside

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Righteous Vendetta is a modern metal band with their eyes firmly on the hard rock charts and with songs like "Defiance," with its grinding guitars and lyrics mentioning things like the power of violence and having a noose around your neck, the band fits right in.

Actually they more than just fit in; the Wyoming-based rockers may very well be starting a trend. "Defiance" is not advocating violence; instead it is an anthemic song about rejecting the nastiness of the world.

The members of Righteous Vendetta all have strong Christian beliefs that are reflected in their lyrics, but often subtly. The anti-suicide "This Pain" for example clearly reflects a reliance on faith to get through desperate times but God isn't mentioned; the listener can easily sing along to the hooky chorus or jam along on air guitar without knowing the song's deeper meaning.

And that's the Righteous Vendetta modus operandi; The Fire Inside is full of heavy yet melodic radio-friendly metal, and that's what's causing the band's fan base to blow up rapidly. For those who like it really hard and heavy, "John the Revelator" (not the song associated with Johnny Cash) will not disappoint as singer Ryan Hayes uses the "demon scream" effect on part of his vocals, demonstrating that even though the boys love the man upstairs they can rock like that guy who rules the cellar too.

Whether you get the spiritual message or not the musical message comes through (very) loud and clear: rock out and have some fun.

Watch the "This is Pain" video at YouTube hereand preview and purchase the album here.

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Righteous Vendetta - The Fire Inside

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