Skinny Molly - Haywire Riot

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Crack open a bottle of Jack, let out a rebel yell and turn the stereo up loud; southern rock is back! Fans of the rowdy side of southern rock as made by groups like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, 38 Special, the Outlaws and Blackfoot will absolutely love Haywire Riot, the new release from Skinny Molly.

Former Skynyrd lead singer and guitarist Mike Estes fronts Skinny Molly and there's a bit of a "Gimme Back My Bullets" swagger to lead-off track "If You Don't Care" where Estes reels off a list of things he'd rather be doing, like fishing or riding his motorcycle or writing a song, than fussing with a high-maintenance girlfriend. With scorching guitar, Ronnie Van Zant-like "aah-ooo's" and an attitude-soaked delivery of the line "I don't give a damn if you don't care!" the song is a sure thing to join the canon of beloved southern rock anthems.

During the ZZ Top-like boogie of "Too Bad to Be True" though Estes isn't singing about kissing the girl off; the guy in this song is a little skittish because the bad girl in question has a penchant for guns, including the one in her glove compartment.

"Judge Parker" will also resonate with lots of listeners as the song's would-be jailbird bemoans his eventual fate, but not without some backtalk; fans will love to chime in when the music pauses for just a second so Estes can loudly tell the judge to "Stick it!"

A good southern rock record hasn't come down the two-lane for a long time but Haywire Riot is the real whisky-drinkin' guitar-crunchin' middle-finger-raising thing.

Preview it here:

Skinny Molly - Haywire Riot

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