The Boston Boys - Keep You Satisfied

It's difficult to remain unimpressed when listening to The Boston Boys' Keep You Satisfied project. There's so much variety and such inspired playing throughout, you're left wondering if there's anything these young men from Boston, Massachusetts can't do.

Although "Endless Creation" may be this project's best shot at a hit single, due to its herky-jerky similarity to the Dave Matthews Band, there are even better examples of what this quartet can do well. Although they met at Berklee School of Music in Boston, which likely explains the name, this quartet now calls Brooklyn, New York home.

With that said, though, you won't hear much on this five-song collection that sounds like either New York or Boston music. For instance, "Satisfied" features some fantastic slide guitar and a funky blues groove. "Amelia" begins with what comes off like a chamber pop string section, while "Honeycomb" incorporates a winning bluegrass feel. Lastly, "Take Me Under" rolls with gently swaying warmth. It's also highlighted by the one-two punch of lyrical mandolin and pretty fiddle.

It's been said variety is the spice of life, but you get the impression many musical acts these days don't truly take the axiom to heart. If they did, perhaps radio would be a more inviting place for sincere music fans and album sales would return again to the music business' glory days. The Boston Boys love music � presumably any and all music � and it shows on this brief, five-song EP. Sadly, there are double-digit track albums released every day that don't have nearly the range of this short sampling.

The only downside to musical variety is the difficulty in categorizing and marketing such wildcards. However, in the grand scheme of things, this is a good problem to have. The Boston Boys didn't just learn a lot of musical theory while at Berklee School of Music; these musicians merely advanced their skills at playing the music in their hearts. It is a touch of truth in advertising to call this album Keep You Satisfied because it does just that.

The Boston Boys - Keep You Satisfied

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