The Sexican - Conscription

12" LP, white vinyl, gatefold jacket, free mustache!

With plenty of south-of-the-border trumpet flourishes and some lyrics in Spanish you might get the idea that The Sexican is a Mexican band. Then again, most every song bounces along to a fun gypsy beat, so maybe these guys are from Eastern Europe. Actually The Sexican is a sextet from Denmark that just so happens to be very adept at mashing up Continental rhythms and Latin American bravado; the band melds the two sounds perfectly here on "Gringo Vendetta," a real cantina-rocker where gravelly-voiced Mike "Comandante" Hecchi sings like a tequila-soaked, cigar-chomping bandito just looking for a reason to pull his pistola. "The Industry" is a slow cabaret number flavored with clarinet where Hecchi's growl might be mistaken for that of Tom Waits but its back to a fast dance for the gypsy hoedown/surf rock of "You Sheep Me Never." "Le Tour," sung in French and appropriately decorated with violin, is also a dance number and while there are plenty of interesting sounds here for those who just want to listen, Conscription is meant to get the listener moving their feet. Either way fans can enjoy Conscription in true Sexican style; just stick on the free mustache that comes with the record. Download code also included.

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