7Horse - Songs for a Voodoo Wedding

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Astute fans may recognize the two men who make up 7Horse, guitarist Joie Calio and vocalist/drummer Phil Leavitt as being longtime members of the band Dada ("Dizz Knee Land".) But the guys have changed horses, er, musical styles, and have been making a glorious noise as 7Horse for a few years now.

This sophomore effort follows up successful debut Let the 7Horse Run and it's surprise hit single "Meth Lab Zoso Sticker" with an earthy batch of blues-rockin' cosmic Americana that will appeal to fans of other duos like the Black Keys, or going back a ways, Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper.

Inspired by a trip to New Orleans and Leavitt's attending of an actual voodoo wedding ceremony, Songs for a Voodoo Wedding features the spectral blues of "Before the Flood," a little Rolling Stones-style rocking in "Carousel Bar" and a couple of songs bound to be anthems; the naughty-naughty sing-along "Some MF" and the slightly goofy ode to marijuana, "A Friend in Weed," which has been released as a single.

Another tune with a bit of a buzz is "Flying High (With No ID)" which recalls trying to catch a plane out of New Orleans after pulling an all-nighter in the French Quarter and sucking on a THC-laced lollipop to keep the good times rolling.

"Flying High´┐Ż" has also been released as a single and like the lollipop, it should do the trick until the album drops on June 10.

Get the "Flying High (With No ID)" single at iTunes here

Get the "A Friend in Weed" single at iTunes here

Visit the official website here.

7Horse - Songs for a Voodoo Wedding

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