California Breed- Pistol Day Parade

California Breed
(Self titled)


California Breed is a new power trio featuring hard rock's go-to vocalist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath) along with rock royalty drummer Jason Bonham and relatively unknown young guitar hotshot Andrew Watt.

Hughes and Bonham worked together previously in the now disbanded Black Country Communion and this album sounds a lot like BCC except without keyboards.

Not surprising given the Bonham/Led Zeppelin connection (Jason is the son of late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham) there's a lot of Zeppelin love to be found here; opening cut "The Way" is clearly patterned on the Mighty Zep in every way and songs like "The Grey" and others find Hughes doing his best Robert Plant wail while Watt appropriates a Jimmy Page riff here and there.

The Zeppelin-like numbers seem to be the most vibrant cuts but there are other standouts as well, like the slow "All Falls Down" where Hughes gets a chance to showcase the soulful side of his voice.

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Pistol Day Parade

Goomba Music

If the lyrics he writes are any indication, don't ask Pistol Day Parade singer Fuller for his opinion unless you're completely ready to hear the hard truth. On "Rockstar's Girlfriend" Fuller calls out Prada-toting, bling-flaunting wannabe celebrities as pretentious hangers-on, he dishes the dirtiest of dirt on coke whores on "High" and begins "Where I Lay" quite bluntly with the advisement that "This is gonna hurt you more than it hurts me."

And while much of Burn may lead to certain individuals getting their feelings hurt (probably the reason why the album has the title that it does) the good news is that Fuller and his four bandmates have crafted this set to be as catchy as it is pithy, and on tunes like "Angels on Fire" the band are at their two-roarin'-guitars-and-a-sing-along-chorus radio rockin' best.

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