Crobot - Something Supernatural

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Crobot is known for their affinity for bluesy hard rock that leans toward the stoner rock genre but they open Something Supernatural with something that's completely out of this world: the psychedelic space rock of the Hawkwind-meets-Sammy Hagar "Legend of the Spaceborne Killer."

The quartet isn't off planet for long though; they're back on terra firma for the hard hitting and harmonica embellished "The Necromancer" and the Hendrix-informed "Chupacabra" before rocking all the way into the bowels of the earth to confer with the devil on the appropriately ominous "La Mano de Lucifer."

The album is not exactly a concept album but true to its title, a supernatural theme runs throughout, including on "The Skull of Geronimo," "Night of the Sacrifice," "Wizards" and "Queen of the Light," all of which come to life vividly thanks to lead singer Brandon Yeagley, one of the best blues rock howlers on the scene today.

Something Supernatural definitely crosses over into some mysterious realms lyrically but there's nothing hard to understand about what to do with it; just turn it up and play it over and over.

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Crobot - Something Supernatural

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