Krokus - Long Stick Goes Boom: Live From The House Of Rust

by Johnny Hardcore

First let me say that when I approached Keavin Wiggins (Editor-In-Chief of antiMusic.com) about being able to get back into writing reviews of new albums from the bands and artists we all love. I did it thinking that there would be "no way" - Too many things had probably changed in the last 6 years since I did anything for him. It was a shot in the dark. And low and behold, Mr. Wiggins was still there and so was antiMusic.com. Not only there, but was good enough to remember my birthday and say - "Sure, what did you have in mind?" - That being said, I have decided to get back into this - And help as many bands and artists that leave their blood and sweat on a stage. Help the bands that do this for their devoted love - not only to rock n roll - But most importantly for the bands and artists that do what they do for the devoted fans that need them. Note that I said the word "NEED". We will get into the "NEED TOPIC" another time. I honestly believe more so than any other time in my life - that nobody gets into a rock outfit thinking they are the next "BIG THING". The only reason anyone makes rock n roll music anymore�..Is purely because they love it. They know - no other way. Which leads into this review.

Keavin asked me to do a review of Krokus's new live album' "Long Stick Goes Boom - Live from the House of Rust". My reply, "You got it, I have always have had a soft spot for a dirty rock band like them". �. Now we can say - "Thank god for some things that just don't change."

Simply put, this is a FUN live album. You can sense it in the music. In the crowd. In the overall vibe. I have made it my duty to make sure that I listen to every album I have ever reviewed at least three times before I write about it. To be fully honest, the first time I listened - I wasn't so sure about this one. But by the middle of the second listen, the volume was cranked up a few notches and I found my mind in the gutter�..This is a good thing. The only real critique I have is - there cover of American Woman is weak. They could have really beefed that song up. It almost seems like it was "compressed" - when it could have been done wide open with full distortion and a lot more guts.

But at the end of the day - you can feel this band is for real. They do it because they love it. You can even sense that there is no way they will do anything but what "THEY WANT TO DO" - AND I LOVE THAT!!! We need much much more of that. They just rip through this set and the whole band leaves it all on the bloody stage. And if you like that AC/DC style�You are gonna love this record. Forget however old these guys might be�.That doesn't matter. This is one of those records you play at a BAR B Q and everyone says�."Who is this?" - You reply, "Krokus Live" - and they will say�.."I remember these guys" - "are they still around?" - and you can comfortably reply�.."Yes they are", isn't it great how some things just don't change"�Krokus has been a rock and roll band since the mid seventies. And if you ever take a gander at their long history�They are survivors. They have been through so many lineup changes and drama. How does any band that has longevity survive�Only one reason�They have to love and be passionate about what they do. For this, I raise my glass to them.

I was pleasantly surprised about this album. And I am very happy to see them still on the map. Get this album and put it in your library. It is most defiantly worth having. And you are toasting a band that not only has made their journey with their hearts in the right place. But not to sound over dramatic or "corny"- you are toasting rock n roll itself. And if you listen to this album you might hear what I am hearing. It is just a really good garage band that kept its roots and has tons of fans that are listening to them in the driveway. And as far as Krokus is concerned�That Is a really BIG garage and really big driveway leading up to it.

It gets 3.5 stars out of 5 on the "Hardcore Scale"

Remember - Rock n Roll is like a roach�.You will never kill it. You can even put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and it won't die�.. Albums like this - And bands like Krokus are testament to that.

Preview and purchase the album here.

Krokus - Long Stick Goes Boom: Live From The House Of Rust

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