Missing Persons - Missing in Action

by Morley Seaver

For over 25 years, Missing Persons has been pretty much like the name of their new record suggests�.Missing in Action, at least in terms of new music. Thankfully a new collection will fill that void. Despite only Dale Bozzio remaining from the original group, this record sounds like it could have been the next logical step from the band back in the '80s.

Missing Persons were put on the map courtesy of Dale's striking visual presence along with her distinctive vocals, not to mention their great songs. She may not be as flamboyant as she was back in the day but time has not diminished her instantly recognizable voice. And the songs on Missing in Action hit the ears as directly as the hits did, thanks to the contributions of producer/co-writer Billy Sherwood (ex-Yes) who also played every instrument on the record.

The record begins with "Do or Die" an infectious racehorse that will instantly have your head bopping. Close your eyes and it's 1983 again. "Hello, Hello" is next up and is the first single. For my money, this is one of the best songs the band has ever done. Absolutely undeniable, it will stick in your head well after the record is finished.

"Walk into the Sun" is another very strong track, evident that Dale wanted to load the deck with all the best material up front. "Covert Operation" is pure '80s (in the best way) and "The More We Love" is a great semi-ballad. "The Speed of Light" picks up the pace before giving way to "All the Way", one of my favorite songs.

"If I Gave You My Mind" is one of those classic Missing Persons, just sort of left-of center songs. The almost reggae-flavored "Siren Song" really highlights Dale's voice and then the record closes with one of the best songs, "Crisis in Overdrive". A magnetic rhythm guides this one from start to finish and the melody lines are excellent.

Also included is a really cool acoustic version of one of Missing Persons' biggest hits "Walking in L.A." as well as a radio edit of "Hello, Hello". Overall, this is a really strong comeback that should put Missing Persons back on the radio where they belong.

You can preview and purchase the album (in CD and MP3 formats) here.

Missing Persons - Missing in Action

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