Sulu Babylon - Colour

Sulu Babylon features a curious combination of musical elements. On the one hand, vocalist Phil Killingsworth sings with a nearly uncontrollable yelp in his voice. Conversely, he plays lead guitar lines that are extremely tight. It's a strange mixture of raggedness and polish.

Stylistically, Colour may remind you of 80s new wave pop. Such is certainly the case with "Save Our Souls." You can also catch a bit of Weezer's influence on the lumbering groove of "Liar" -- especially its big guitar intro.

Lyrically, "Free" is the song that leaves the biggest initial impact. On it, Killingsworth reminds us that you "don't need to be in love to love." One wonders if he may have recently been stung by romance, based upon these words.

"This Is How" stands apart from the rest of this EP, in that it begins with a punk-y guitar intro. Killingsworth comes off as quite upset, so much so that he even drops an F-bomb in a few places.

In the end, though, Sulu Babylon's unique musical mixture is a winner.

Sulu Babylon - Colour

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