The Alan Parsons Project- Crow- Adrian and the Sunsets

The Alan Parsons Project
The Complete Albums Collection


This massive box set will absolutely delight hardcore fans of the Alan Parsons Project as it collects all 10 of the studio coalition's albums, from 1976's Tales of Mystery and Imagination: Edgar Allen Poe through to 1987's farewell effort, Gaudi. Loaded with hits and deep album cuts like "The Raven," "I Robot," "I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You," "Breakdown," "Eye in the Sky," "Psychobabble" and "You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned," The Complete Albums Collection also holds something that fans have been wondering about for decades: the "lost" album The Sicilian Defence. Presented here in its entirety, The Sicilian Defence is a record that the guys cut under pressure in the early '80s in an effort to get out of their contract with Arista Records. Arista hated the record and refused to release it, maybe with good reason. Now, after 30-years of sitting in the can, Legacy allows fans to make their own decision as to the album's value.

The Best of Crow


Crow really only had one big radio song, the Blood, Sweat & Tears-like "Evil Woman," subsequently covered by Black Sabbath on their debut album. If you remember that song and dig it, but don't recall anything else by the band, here's your chance to remedy that situation. Consisting of 16 tracks compiled from the Crow Music, Crow By Crow and Mosaic albums, The Best of Crow presents lots of music done in a similar vein as the hit. There's a great rock'n'roll scream on Crow's version of the oft covered (including by the Beatles) Larry Williams tune "Slow Down," a killer organ-fueled jam in the form of "Heading North," a very long, slow-burning take on the Everly Brothers' "Gone Gone Gone" and the probably-should-have-been-a-hit "Keeps Me Running." Two previously unreleased cuts are included, an interpretation of Lennon and McCartney's "When I Get Home" and an extended version of the band's own "Cottage Cheese."

Adrian and the Sunsets


What could possibly have been any cooler for a California teenager in the early '60s than to be in a surf band? 18-year-old drummer Adrian Lloyd was the leader of all-teen act the Sunsets and a pretty good writer too, penning material here like the twangy guitar and raunchy sax instrumental "Slippin'" and co-writing vocal numbers like the spy-flavored surf of the Elvis/Jerry Lee Lewis-inspired "I Don't Need You No More" and the previously unreleased "Get Yourself Another Love." All in all the set includes 20 cuts, eight of which that were single sides or unissued until now, and since Lloyd was a drummer there's the obligatory take on the Surfaris hit "Wipe Out" along with a two part original called "Nothing But Drums." Breakthrough presents a surprisingly fun set from a little known act.

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