The Chimpz - Self Titled EP

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Thinking about moving to California? You just might be after hearing "California," the latest single from Los Angeles-based rap metal band the Chimpz. With lyrics referencing hot chicks, money and sunshine, (to name just a few enticements) and a harmony-filled chorus of "I'll see you when you get here/I'll see you when you get to California," the song goes way beyond just being a killer anthem; it's enough to make you hitch up the U-Haul, grab a map and hit the road.

The lyric video for the song is filled with snippets of Cali fun-in-the-sun including some extreme sports clips and some Chimpz live performance footage; watch this thing and it's pretty much guaranteed you're gonna quit your job and move to the Golden State. Okay, this is a little bit of an exaggeration but the point is not only have the Chimpz made an awesome record, they've also managed to portray and represent their home turf in a pretty cool way.

"California" will end up being the most enduring song on the band's new six-song self-titled EP but the other songs are far from filler; "War Machine" is a scathing indictment of the hawk mentality that's all too pervasive in the American government, performed with an appropriate amount of animus and recalling the best of groups like Rage Against the Machine.

"Save our City" is not unlike "California" in that it talks about Los Angeles and has a great hook that begs to be sung along to, but it is dissimilar to the extent that it is truthful about the fact that L.A. is not always the easiest place to get along with.

So yeah, there's plenty of social commentary here, but hey, the band is called the Chimpz. They're having fun and they want you to have fun too. And with this EP it's not a difficult task; turn it up as loud as you can and rock out till the cops come.

For more info on the Chimpz and to see the "California" video, visit here. The EP will be released September 9th and you can order it here.

The Chimpz - Self Titled EP

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