The Turtles- Skylar Gudasz

Our spotlight on new vinyl releases focuses on 7" singles this time out.

The Turtles
45 RPM Vinyl Singles Collection


If you're a Turtles fan of a certain age and you remember buying hit singles like "Happy Together" and "Elenore" and singing along to them as you played them over and over, so much so that to this day you remember that the records were on the White Whale label, then you will absolutely love this box set. What you get is a Turtles greatest hits of sorts, presented on eight 7" singles where the A-sides are hits like the above-mentioned and others such as "Let Me Be," "She'd Rather Be With Me," "She's My Girl" and a take on Bob Dylan's "It Ain't Me Babe." And while the big songs remain as poppy and fun as they were when they were originally released in the '60s, the real joy is rediscovering (or hearing for the first time) the B-sides where treasures like the Ray Davies produced "Love in the City" awaits; the Kinks singer transports the Los Angeles band's sound straight to swinging London. Then there's the cover of Nilsson's "Story of Rock and Roll," resplendent with a funky horn section and hinting at the glam era that was yet to come. "Grim Reaper of Love" is the Turtles at the psych/pop best, and fans of the late Warren Zevon may be surprised to see that he is credited as the co-writer (with Glenn Crocker) of "Outside Chance," a Beatles-esque tune that also shows a little love for the Rolling Stones. Those old school record players that were around when these discs originally came out have proven to not be the best devices when it comes to protecting your records but if you have one of these and it still has the spindle adaptor that lets you play a pile of 45s without having to handle them individually, what the heck, go ahead and live a little. Stack 'em up and let 'em fly. And remember how great a band the Turtles were.

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Skylar Gudasz
"Car Song" b/w "Dream Lover"

Daniel 13

The title "Car Song" might give you the idea that the song is going to be rollicking and fast paced; to the complete opposite Gudasz takes her time here, her beautiful voice waxing mournful yet sounding strong on the slow Americana-leaning cut, full of nuance and recalling great vocalists like Emmylou Harris. Skylar wrote "Car Song" but the B-side is an Alex Chilton song originally performed by Big Star and Gudasz shows she's not afraid of a challenge by choosing to cover "Dream Lover," which like the fleeting nighttime experience it refers to is very mercurial, slipping effortlessly from quiet torch song to rock to blues and back again. Packaged in a picture sleeve slip cover. Order the vinyl here.

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