Timeworn - Luminescent Wake

by Eric Loranger

For fans of bands like Century and Black Breath, and with elements of Converge and Botch, Norway's Timeworn represent a lot of what's good in hardcore music. Where some of their peers in the modern hardcore scene can sound like metal caricatures without a lot of substance, Timeworn manage to keep it interesting on Luminescent Wake, and never meander into the cheese-metal zone.

To clarify, "caricatures" and "cheese-metal" can be easily identified by goony vocals. Intentionally overstated, obnoxious, snarling vocals that distract too much from the music are elements of a band trying way too hard, and can be a major letdown. Timeworn's vocals on the other hand take a strong presence in the music without overpowering it; the results are strong and work quite well.

Musically Timeworn is as sharp as any of your favorite hardcore bands. For one thing, the guitars are a rhythmic attack riding along a bed of ass-kicking drum fills. Nothing too flashy - just hard-hitting. Whether thrashy as in "Through the Eyes of the King", or post-hardcoreish like in "Language of the Beasts", the band wears their influences well.

Take for example "Old Foul Hag", right near the start of the album. With its frantic drums and quick, evil-sounding chord progression, it sounds like it could be a cousin of Converge's "Eagles Become Vultures," which is a very high compliment indeed. Following up with another badass riff in "Frozen Nails", this is probably the best section of the album, though the rest does not disappoint.

Luminescent Wake may not be as consistent as the albums that influence it, but there are definitely enough strong moments to make it a memorable listen. It would be a good bet to count on more interesting music from Timeworn in the future.

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Timeworn - Luminescent Wake

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