Adley Stump's New Single "Ex to See"

by Kevin Wierzbicki

When last we heard from Adley Stump she had just released her album Like This (Deluxe), an effort that contains her big hit "Stay at Home Soldier," an homage to the spouses who have their own battles to fight on the home front while their mates are off in some foreign land in the throes of war. The song made Stump a legitimate country music star as it endeared her to legions of new fans.

Now Stump has released a new non-album single that may come as a bit of a surprise to some of her fan base: a cover of Sam Hunt's "Ex to See." While the song retains a country flavor thanks to Stump's voice, the arrangement is as a pop tune and there's even a segment of the song that is rapped, a chore that's handled by guest singer Cliff Brown. All in all Stump's fans will no doubt be delighted by hearing her branch out a little as she takes Hunt's hit and puts her own stamp on it.

Also just released is a video for "Ex to See." It's storyline, about how a woman gets played by a guy who's only interested in her as a means to get back at an ex, is played out through a series of shots of Stump singing the song in studio, running through the appropriate gamut of facial expressions, ranging from the adoration she had for this guy before she got hip to his tricks to the disdain she feels when the jig is up.

Fans can purchase "Ex to See" here

Watch the video of "Ex to See" here


Adley Stump's New Single "Ex to See"

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