Go Betty Go's Reboot

Go Betty Go

(Self released)
12" EP

A Los Angeles-based four piece consisting of singer Nicolette Vilar, guitarist Betty Cisneros and a rhythm section of drummer Aixa Vilar and bassist Michelle Rangel, Go Betty Go offer up six poppy and garage-y rockers here on this fun EP. Nicolette's voice often recalls that of classic rocker Pat Benatar, especially on cuts like "Cemetery Stone," a ferocious yet melodic cut that despite having dark lyrics is the kind of song you play loud as you're bombing down the highway with the windows down, likely playing along on air guitar. "Where I Sleep" finds Cisneros reeling off fuzzy psych guitar riffs behind the vocals, and while this Latina band doesn't otherwise make any cultural references in their music, Nicolette does sing "Tartamudo" (it means "stutter") in Spanish. The overall language here though is fun and with only three songs per side it's likely you'll dance all the way to the turntable, ready for more, every time the record needs flipping. Reboot is one of those records that really makes you want to see the band perform live (the girls are Warped Tour vets but not playing this year) and it's advisable not to miss them if they come through your town.

Check out the band's official Facebook page here.

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