Johnny Cash's Live At San Quentin

Time for the Album Of The Week. This was the very first record I ever owned in my life. I was going through a bunch of my dad's records when I was a very young 5 years old and I will never forget coming across this album and thinking this could be something interesting to hear.

I had no idea who Johnny Cash was nor did I have a clue San Quentin was a prison. I remember listening to a "Boy Named Sue" and totally relating to it because at the time I was very clumsy dorky kid who wore glasses and I was constantly tormented by other kids. Teasing me because I wore glasses, they would call me "4 eyes". You know how it is when you are that age, any amount of bullying or teasing would send me into isolation.

Anyways, my dad came home from work one day and he found me listening to this record and totally getting into it, singing every word and I thought I was in trouble for listening to one of his records without asking permission. But to my amazement he sat down on the bed next to me and asked me, "Do you really like this music?" I will never forget telling him how I loved the guitar sound and the voice of Mr. Cash.

Though it could be labeled deep and haunting, it was also very comforting to me. And at the end of "Boy Named Sue" when Johnny yells out to the audience "Call me Bill or George anything but Sue" I couldn't help but get a good chuckle out of that.

My dad stood up and said, "OK John, you go ahead keep this one for yourself" "It looks like you will listen to this one way more than me". And so there you have it, my first record.

Live At San Quentin is the 31st overall album by Johnny Cash recorded live at San Quentin State Prison on February 24, 1969 and released on June 4 of that same year.

Track List

Side 1
1. "Wanted Man" (Bob Dylan)
2. "Wreck of the Old 97"* (arranged by Cash, Bob Johnston, Norman Blake)
3. "I Walk the Line"
4. "Darling Companion" (John Sebastian)
5. "Starkville City Jail"
Side 2
1. "San Quentin"
2. "San Quentin" (performed a second time at the audience's request)
3. "A Boy Named Sue" (Shel Silverstein)
4. "(There'll Be) Peace in the Valley" (Thomas A. Dorsey)
5. "Folsom Prison Blues"

The Band
� Johnny Cash - vocal, Acoustic guitar
� June Carter Cash - vocal
� Carter Family - vocals, Autoharp, Guitar
� Marshall Grant - bass guitar
� W.S. Holland - drums
� Carl Perkins - electric guitar
� Bob Wootton - electric guitar
� The Statler Brothers - vocals

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