Josef Salvat - In Your Prime (EP)

by Morley Seaver

I was unprepared for the emotional wallop from Josef Salvat's recent EP In Your Prime when I spun it for the first time. The Australian singer/songwriter is relatively new on the scene over here but will undoubtedly be known across the globe soon if these songs are any indication of what's to come.

At the time, I had never heard "Diamonds" by Rhianna but in my opinion, Josef's version, which opens the record, leaves the original in the dust. His voice leaks this stirring quality that snaps your attention to every syllable. The sparse arrangement showcases the vocals perfectly including the background vocals that were so thin on the original. Elegant and compelling, this song is outstanding.

"Open Season" sounds like it could have come out of the '80s and pounded the competition flat as melody-wise, it's top-notch and once again, the vocals are front and center. Although I love "Diamonds", my favorite piece might just be "Shoot and Run" which is simply intoxicating. The opening flourish of keyboards/orchestration sets the stage for this one which just keeps building. The chorus is so strong it will take up residence in your ears for some time so get prepared. It's rare that such laid-back vocals can dominate a song but the verses are hypnotic and the layered vocals on the chorus are just amazing, a testament to the quality of the song itself.

The EP ends all too soon with "This Life", the fourth amazing song in a row. Great production and convincing vocals polish up this sterling effort. The only down side is that it's now the end of the record.

There is apparently a full-length coming later this year and I will be the first in line to pick up this record. I think In Your Prime is just a calling card to announce the arrival of Josef Salvat in 2015. Get ready world. You've been warned.

Click on the cover art below to preview the EP tracks:

Josef Salvat - In Your Prime (EP)

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