Motley Crue's Shout At The Devil

Time for The Album Of The Week: Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil". This album completely sold me on Motley Crue. I played this one to death. This album shows absolutely no mercy to me and I just loved the grinding speed riffs that Mick Mars could pull out of his skull and transplant to his fingers on his turbo charged Fender Start that he was playing at the time. From a lot of the pictures I have seen, I think he still plays the same guitar to this day. But this was a band like no other at the time. Mick Mars, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee & Nikki Sixx all contributed with their individual talents.

This band still is the misfit all-stars of Hollywood. Anyways, this album did okay as far sales go. Nothing like the prodigious numbers that their later albums did, but it sure woke up a lot of people outside of Hollywood that these guys meant business and weren't going anywhere until they had their say. These guys just kick ass to me. And this album probably is the heaviest record they ever put out.

This album featured two hit singles "Looks That Kill" & Too Young To Fall in Love" My favorite song on this one is "Knock em' Dead Kid". This album topped out at #17 on The Billboard 200 and all things considered - that was a huge accomplishment for a metal band back then.

Released on September 26, 1983 on Elektra Records , Motley Crue "Shout At The Devil".

Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil".
1. "In the Beginning" Nikki Sixx Geoff Workman 1:13
2. "Shout at the Devil" Sixx Sixx 3:16
3. "Looks That Kill" Sixx Sixx 4:07
4. "Bastard" Sixx Sixx 2:54
5. "God Bless the Children of the Beast" (instrumental) Mick Mars 1:33
6. "Helter Skelter" (The Beatles cover) Lennon-McCartney
Lennon-McCartney 3:09

Side two
No. Title Lyrics Music Length

7. "Red Hot" Sixx Sixx, Mars, Vince Neil 2:20
8. "Too Young to Fall in Love" Sixx Sixx 3:34
9. "Knock 'Em Dead, Kid" Sixx Sixx, Neil 3:40
10. "Ten Seconds to Love" Sixx, Neil Sixx 4:17
11. "Danger" Mars, Sixx, Neil 3:51

• Vince Neil - lead vocals
• Mick Mars - electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
• Nikki Sixx - bass guitar, bass pedals, backing vocals
• Tommy Lee - drums, backing vocals

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