Kiefer Sutherland Live

by Linda Spielman

Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The cross pollination of actors who desire to venture into music either works really well, or fails miserably. To succeed in both creative genres obviously takes immense talent, a devoted fan base, but also the ability to multi task two careers as well as devote energy to keeping both relevant.

At this point in Kiefer Sutherland's life, the actor/musician has the luxury of exploring the musical side of his career aspirations full-time. Being the son of well-respected actor, Donald Sutherland and carving out his own legacy over many decades with such TV/Movie hits as 24, Lost Boys and Stand By Me (just to name a few) has cemented Kiefer as a Motion Picture & TV Icon. However, music is a road he is now traveling.

With forthcoming Country CD "Down In A Hole" to be released sometime 2016, Sutherland has stepped away from the cameras, and opted for a tour bus and the open road (check out the adventures of Rockin Rabbit via Sutherland's Twitter). A recently stop in Pittsburgh, PA, and only six cities into the small venue tour Sutherland lets his fan base see his other creative side; musician. Good musicians/artists let their songs tell the stories of a life lived and well-traveled, and country music is the perfect outlet for Sutherland to tell these stories. With the only single "Not Enough Whiskey" available via iTunes, the 12-15 song set is a completely uncharted territory of songs you can currently only hear live on this tour until release of the CD.

The title track to the CD "Down In A Hole" is a glimpse as Sutherland put it, "the lucky life I have been given and dumb choices I made along the way." Being at a point in his life and career which affords him the opportunity to pursue music full time is something the actor/musician is extremely grateful for and has been wanting to do for some time. From the Johnny Cash-esque "Shirley Jean", to Sutherland's story of helping a young Iraqi vet in "Wanna Die", to the cover of Tom Petty's "Honeybee", Sutherland and his bandmates played for more than two hours, adding songs to the set list to keep the 'party goin'.

One particular highlight to the evening was the story of five year old Sutherland's daily rides to school with his dad. "He drove this sports car, which story has it he won in a card game. He wore a leather jacket and had Bob Dylan's 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' playing on the 8-track. I knew my dad was different, not like the other dads." By the time Sutherland was six he had that song, along with the entire album memorized for life. In honor of that memory in his life, "Knockin' on Heaven's Door "was how this intimate evening of music came to a close.

What is striking about Sutherland is his gratitude and humility. As he mentioned during the show, he was appreciative of the packed Hard Rock Caf´┐Ż audience coming out on a weeknight to listen to songs they haven't heard before. What was more surprising, was prior to the show Sutherland was hanging outside the Hard Rock enjoying meeting, chatting and taking pictures with concert goers. It was obvious he is definitely at a place in his life and career where he can enjoy and appreciate his successes and new endeavors.

Kiefer Sutherland Live

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